Explaining Bankruptcy



When considering bankruptcy or chapter 13 as an option, many people are concerned about whether or not they might lose valuable property including their houses, cars, boats, bank accounts, cabins, retirement accounts and other possessions. Before you jeopardize your future by borrowing against your home to pay debts, cashing out your retirement accounts or 401k plans or otherwise borrowing against them to pay your debts, you must consider your options and consult with a bankruptcy attorney. A knowledgeable attorney who concentrates his or her practice in the area of debtor-creditor law is a valuable source of information on how to protect your assets through the bankruptcy process. Before making any final decisions regarding debt payment plans, cashing out retirement plans or bankruptcy options, you should contact Lee Kravitz Law Offices to discuss how to protect your assets when your financial wellbeing is at stake.

Do you want to live debt free? We may have a solution!

Helping you toward a more stable financial future is our goal. If we are able to help you determine that filing for bankruptcy is the key to helping you live debt free, Lee Kravitz Law Offices can help you finally move forward with your life! Relief from overwhelming responsibilities to debt could be only a phone call away.

If you are contemplating declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy,  We can assess your situation and your personal finances to determine whether or not bankruptcy is a wise option for you and your family. We know how important it is to establish financial stability for you and your family, so consult our firm as soon as possible to get on the road to financial recovery and peace of mind!

Foreclosure Defense

If your home is in foreclosure, we may be able to defend and come up with solutions to save your home. There are several options available, which can be discussed at Lee Kravitz Law Offices.

Let Us Help You

We are experienced attorneys who get results. We understand the law and how to defend your rights. We have made it our mission to help clients recover & rebuild, but feel it is our duty to educate citizens about their rights. For that reason.

There is never a charge or fee for an initial consultation.

At the initial consultation, one of our attorneys will:

· Listen to your story and assess  your personal situation.

· Get to know you and identify  your immediate needs

· Identify where you are in the  rebuilding process.

· Discuss your ideal resolution.

· Determine the next steps to financial recovery.

Once you retain the services of The Lee Kravitz Law Offices, you will have a team fighting for you. Our office deals with your creditors,  so you can get back on track.   At Lee Kravitz Law Offices, we are ready and willing to guide you through the bankruptcy process. We know that you are probably overwhelmed, so we are prepared to offer you legal guidance in a way that makes you feel comfortable during your current process and hopeful for your future financial situation. We want you to feel confident that your legal matters are in good hands, so we always approach each case with your best interests in mind. To determine whether you are eligible for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, at Lee Kravitz Law Offices we are happy to discuss your financial matters with you by phone or in person or at one of our offices. West Side Office is in Brooklyn or Our East Side Office in Euclid.

Not Eligible for Chapter 7?

Not everyone can file for Chapter 7. While there are other forms of bankruptcy that you may be eligible for - such as Chapter 13 bankruptcy - there are many alternatives to bankruptcy that may be helpful in eliminating or paying off debt. Additionally, filing for Chapter 7 may not be applicable to all forms of debt - such as child or spousal support debt. The inability to wipe all debt clean may still leave an individual in bad financial standing. At Lee Kravitz Law Offices  we are determined and dedicated to providing legal counsel that allows our clients to attain the best possible results. So, if bankruptcy does not yield the best possible resolution for your personal circumstances, we can inform you of alternatives that may be available to you and your family.